✄ Diy : Diaper change mat

Diaper change mat is one of my wanted item from my baby shopping list. It categorized in the "travelling" section. Since I will look after my baby by myself ... I am sure that eventually I would take her wherever I go, that's why I needed it.

Bodyshop shower bag
Inside the shower bag, 2 ways pocket with zipper
When I browse around baby shops and baby fair, there are alot of options, then I went to Bodyshop warehouse sale, suddenly I have an idea to alter a lovely, pinkish shower bag to be a budget diaper change mat.

30-50 S$

less than 15 S$

Items needed : Shower bag, waterproof baby mat, unused towel (for head pillow), velcro (5cm)
Skill needed : Sewing - basic
$ Spent : Shower bag (10S$ from Bodyshop warehouse sale), baby mat (0$ cut from existing mat), towel (0$ recycle), velcro (2S$ per m, used only 5cm)

Here are the steps :

1. Measure your shower bag, mine is 18x23 cm, as the guide for the size of the waterproof changing mat.
2. Give 1 cm allowance smaller than the shower bag, then times 3 to length & width wise. Total of the changing mat size is 48x63 cm (times 2 for 2 layers), just nice for the baby size and public changing table.
3. Place an unused towel or fabric as a small pillow. Then sew the 2 layers of mats together. Add velcro, so this mat is attached to the bag, not easily fell off.

The result is ... ::drum rolling::
Even though the appearance is not as sleek as store bought, but this changing mat is very useful, double layer for the mat gives extra padding, and small pillow is comforting (for me - the mommy). I use this everywhere I go, including at home.