☁ How smart is your baby? {Book review}

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Complete Title : How smart is your baby? : develop and nurture your newborn's full potential
Author : Glenn Doman, Janet Doman
SourceBorrowed from Queenstown Public Library

Review : 
Having sweared by fellow mothers who already tried the Doman's flash card,  I intentionally searched for his resource about infant stimulation, and  found this book that concentrate on newborn brain stimulation started as early as day 1.

This book is using "The Institute of Development profile" which consist of Sensory Program: Visual, Auditory , Tactile competence; and Motor Program: Mobility, Language, Manual competence.

For a new mother like me, the explanation quite interesting, he mentioned that generally parenting style is not with purpose, but by accident. Means that it is to correct mistakes. To do it with purpose is not only knowing what to achieve at a certain milestone, but why, and how to do it correctly.

Brain that's given the right stimulation at the early years of its development, will optimize the baby potential in 6 areas : reading, understanding language, identifying by feel, walking, talking and writing.

On the practical side, at the first stage of newborn (0-2.5 mths) it is hard for me to do most of the stimulation based on the advised intensity (10 times a day). Since my baby is either eating or sleeping around the clock, as other newborn, I suppose.

We just do the activities that we enjoy with lesser intensity. I also does not always have energy left to do these activity due to my baby feeding style. Salute for the parents that are able to do all or most of the stimulation activity. 

But personally, there are some activities that a bit concerning for me, one of them is the one using air horn. As parents I think we must filter all information out there, not merely do all guidance told to meet our expectation : to have the highest result from the stimulation. I think our parental instinct will speak here.

This book is best read before the baby is coming, some tools need to be prepared beforehand.