☁ Monster Parent { Japanese series review }

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Title : Monster Parent (2008)
it was on sale at Poh Kim, Plaza Singapura :)

This is a funny yet touching 11 episodes drama series about education and parenting.

Every series contains different cases that handled by a parent-school committee, as a bridge between them, since the uprising of tense relationship between parents and teachers. Parents who are likely to ask for unrealistic demands, even "bully" the teacher they don't like. There are some stories relevant with Singapore's education system. Here is an article about real monster parent in Japan : 

The centre of character in this drama is a successful & stylish (I love her outfit) female lawyer played by Yonekura Ryoko who assigned as a law consultant for the commitee, who reluctantly do the works but as time pass by she falls in love with it.

What's good about the series, the problem in each episode is realistic and provide a wise problem solving in every ending. It prioritize the children, so the problem won't impact the child's being.

On the teacher's side, they duty as educators are not easy, and they need support and someone who listen to them when they feel discouraged.

And on the parent's side, they want the best for their children, and there's always background reason why they did their ridiculous acts, so there's no reason to name calling them "monster".
Except for the case of a parent who doesn't want to pay for school lunch, with reason she doesn't like the taste, that is just simply stingy.


Do you know any other education/parenting movie like this? Maybe from Hollywood? I've watched Singapore's "I no stupid" by Jack Neo, will write a review about it later.