☁ Childbirth/Antenatal Class Mount Alvernia Hospital Singapore { Course Review }

On my 30th weeks of pregnancy, I sourced for post-natal needs which are :
- Confinement nanny
- Post-natal massage
- Tingkat (catering) delivery
- Part time maid

Since my mommy-in-law confirmed that she can stay with me for 1 month after my delivery, so I was no longer looked for confinement nanny, which at that time is already too close to my EDD.

The schedule of Confinement nanny in Singapore is as tight as Johnny Depp's , don't forget to book 6 months in advance!

And at that time, I was thinking if my mother was there, it might be easier to look for motherly advise. Mama passed away 6 years ago, that's why I really need to learn about how to take care a newborn baby, I am totally blank at that point.

hungrypapa : I am also so blank here! >_<

After the hospital tour at Mt. Alvernia hospital, I decided to join the Antenatal/Childbirth class. More than I expected, I learned not only how to take care the newborn baby,
but also many other information about pregnancy.. to delivery.. to post-natal, breastfeeding and marriage enrichment.

Since it would be my my 32 week when I started the course, the Parentcraft Centre organized a crash course for me, so it would be twice not once a week.

The Alvernia Childbirth Education Programme (more info)

1st Session
• Physiological changes during pregnancy
• Nutritional needs during pregnancy and after delivery
2nd & 3rd Sessions 
• Backcare and exercises during pregnancy
• Stages of labour
• Techniques to cope with labour
• Relaxation and massage
• Role of support person

4th, 5th & 6th Sessions
• Signs of labour
• Pain relief in labour
• Methods of delivery
• Care of mother after delivery
• Infant Feeding
• Importance of breastfeeding & bonding
• Bathing and care of your newborn
• Familiarization tour of hospital

Complimentary Session (NEW!)
• Marriage Enrichment
o Romance and sex during and after pregnancy
o Communication and conflict resolution skills
o Managing each other’s emotions as new parents

On the 1st session, when I looked around, other than my belly was bigger than other mommies, I was also one of  the few expecting mommies that came alone without their husband. It surprised me, I thought the course was for mommy only. Thumbs up Singapore husbands! 

Then I bit the thumb... I feel a bit envy for the romantic feel in the air. So if you want to enrole for this kind of classes at your chosen hospital, don't forget to bring along your hubby with you.

All by myself... don't wanna be ..
Some notes I took ...
1st session :
- The calculation for ideal additional weight for me is ( : 10-16 kg... Fortunately, I gain 16 kg .. yeay! Still on the ideal zone.
- For breastfeeding mommy, the calorie needed is bigger than pregnancy ... Well, yes! Now I constantly feel hungry & thirsty especially after breastfeeding, calorie come to mama!

2nd & 3rd session is very useful for me. I experienced lower back pain since 6 months pregnancy, with these exercise, combine with the one I took from Pigeon book, it realy helps to reduce the pain. Me and husband also regularly practised the birth stage-3 (push position) at home, and it really works on my delivery, I only did one push, and suddenly baby was out and crying loudly.

And the 4th, 5th & 6th Sessions are very informative, me & husband practised holding & taking care the baby using dummy, also very fun!

"Do first time fathers have realistic expectation afterbirth than mothers? The answer is no. Fathers tend to fast forward parenting to the time when they will take the child play out and about"

We also took the complimentary session, this class emphasized the fatherhood role for their children. The speaker is from MCYS's Centre for Fathering, asked a question do first time fathers have realistic expectation afterbirth than mothers? The answer is no. Fathers tend to fast forward parenting to the time when they will take the child play out and about, to cycling at east coast, playing catch... but not at the crucial time afterbirth when mother and baby struggling at breastfeeding, changing diaper, or baby weaning. That's why fathers might able to experienced baby blues too, since their expectation is different than the reality. This session is very interesting and offer other good information especially for the expectant father.

I am grateful I took this Class, even though I can't remember all of the information, I still open the books for reminder, but at least it gave me confidence... a good start for the motherhood journey.