❤ Who's hungry?

Hungry already is a phrase commonly use in Singapore. The addition of "already" or pronounce partially " 'ready " also use in these phrases :
Tired 'ready : I am already  tired
Makan/Eat 'ready? : Have you eaten yet? or Have you had your breakfast/lunch/dinner?
Hungry 'ready : I am already hungry
Forgot 'ready, etc...

Mommy hungry already taken from our daily home conversation :

Papa : Mommy why the baby is hungry already? (30 mins past after 1 hour nursing)
Mama : Why is mommy hungry already?  (Talking to myself, after having big lunch 1 hour ago. Wondering when will I start to loose pregnancy weight >-<)
Papa : Mommy, are you hungry already? I will buy you something then (So sweet & understanding)
Baby : Mommy, I'm hungry already!! ...err actually it's a translation from baby language : ..nnngaa, ngaaaa!!

I will post more of our stories or thoughts or parenting sources, 1 story per week ... See you later then :)


Who we are :
hungrybaby : hunger for everything breastmilk
hungrymama : hunger for everything motherfood ..oops.. motherhood
hungrypapa : hunger for everything baby picture .. snap..snap!