☁ It's A baby Girl { Book Review }

Complete title : It's a Baby Girl! The Unique Wonder and Special Nature of Your Daughter from Pregnancy to Two Years

Author(s) : The Gurian Institute (Author), Stacie Bering (Author), Adie Goldberg (Author), Michael Gurian (Foreword)
Source : Borrowed from Queenstown Public Library

This book is a sort of a soft announcement when the pregnant me was reading this book on the bus, MRT, or gynae queue.. since the book cover is pink color and written " It's A baby Girl!"

It is interesting from cover to cover, it describe the difference between a baby girl and a baby boy (they have a blue cover book version for a baby boy) since the forming inside the womb.
Scientific description guides the reasons both physically and physiology development of a baby girl. It is surely pleasant for an expectant mother (and father) to be pointed the strength of a girl in their early childhood such as language development and sensitivity.

One of interesting quote from this book :
"... cliche of conventional wisdoms. You may have heard that :
- Your daughter will be easier to diaper because you don't have to point any anatomy downwards before fastening the tabs.
- Your daughter will be more dependant and less rebellious than a boy.
- Your daughter will be more emotionally expressive and complex than a boy.

And just when you breath a sigh of relief, the experienced parents of a grown-up girl will remind you, "Just wait until your daughter is a teenager!"

Ha ha ^^

Later in life, a girl physical development may have less strength & stamina with the same aged boys, this book also gives hints and tips for us parents to encourage them through play time and less competitive ways to develop their physical abilities.

In conclusion, this book is good for an early introduction to our little princesses :)