☁ Aishiteru {Japanese series review}

Complete titleAishiteru~Kaiyo~ (I Love You~Forgiveness~)
It was also on sale at Poh Kim Plaza Singapura

This is a very touching dorama series. If you watched this while pregnant like me, those hormones made you sob non-stop, right?  o(╥﹏╥)o

Tragedy happened to Ozawa family, when their youngest child Kiyo, was missing and later found dead. (This was written on the DVD cover, made me hesitate to buy such a sad sad drama, but later when it was on sale, I bought it anyway...since I am actually curious about this drama)

Tomoya Noguchi, a fifth grader, was taken into custody by police as the prime murder suspect. This shocked both family. 

Told in the series that Tomoya's mother (the suspect) wants to be a good mother for him, she joins parenting forums, but ironically, when her son needed her attention, she feels a bit disturbed, since she is busy with the forum. 
This is a good reminder for me, since I "claimed" that I have hunger for everything motherhood, I read books, join forums, subscribe to websites like babycentre, even blog about it. Which is more important to be a knowledgeable mommy or spending the precious time with the child itself? ::self reflection::

Later on, this drama tells about the struggle of both family, one lost a son, one struggling to accept their son & the blames, and it is worth watching.


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