☁ Pigeon Mother & Baby { Guidebook Review } { freebies }

Blessings, one of them is getting freebies in our pregnancy ٩( o 

I think is quite common here while waiting at the gynae, we get goodie bags, free samples of pregnancy milk, etc. For the enrolment at Childbirth Class I got so many freebies, from bibs, breastmilk storage, to baby spa voucher. I got an invitation from Passion Card to join an on-line survey, I got 3 boxes of 350gr Pregnancy Milk & a cooler bag! Open your eyes & ears mommies for this kind of offer ♥‿♥  ... Another freebies is from the hospital where I deliver I got baby , diaper, baby bath tub, although we paid a large amount for the hospital bill, still, it's called freebies, isn't it? ><

One of the freebies I like is Mother & Baby Guidebook from Pigeon, I got it from one of the goodie bag. The explanation is simple, short and clear using kawaii (cute) images. Guidance that I found useful :

 1. Pregnancy exercise & massage... for my lower backache started from 6th months of pregnancy, I combine this with exercise from Chidlbirth Class.

2. Baby massage ... hungrybaby loves it

3. Baby milestone

You can find & download the book here. Cheers!