✄ ◘ Diy : Maternity photos

Last weekend was Hari Raya's long weekend for us in Singapore, lovely 3 days Saturday-Sunday-Monday spent with my hubby & baby... and yes, it is the reason why this post is delayed. Even though it's only for one day, I need to buckled up, if I drag this holiday mood too long, I am afraid I won't post for another two or three month ... phew!

Today I want to post another idea to cut some maternity budget, which can cost quite some amount of $$... it is... Maternity Photo :). A few years recently this maternity photo is like a must have item for a pregnant mother, even now the expectant fathers wants to have part in it too!

Started with her in 1991 (1991 is 21 years ago ppl! w(°o°)w

If you want to get the photograph done here in Singapore, the package cost around S$200. But you can get it done by only S$4,
for the bus fare (^_^).

Yeap, you can do it your self, the DIY spirit. If you have a good DSLRs camera, that's great, if you have the remote along with it, that's even better! But if you don't, your handphone camera with self-timer might do the trick as well, it is all depends on your creativity!

Here is some tips for DIY Maternity Photos :
1. Choose the time when your belly is big enough, so it is look like a pregnancy photo, not food bloated photo  (^0^) .. Usually around 7 to 8 months of pregnancy, and when you're in a fit condition mommies.

2. Outdoor or Indoor? Outdoor scenery can be a plus as natural feel background for mothers who will bring a new life to this world. But a sofa at home can be a comfort too, especially when you want a bit skin exposure. But I'm too shy for this! I choose fully clothed pregnancy wear, which I also done by my self : DIY clothing for a DIY photo shoot ! \(^_^)/ 

This kind of photo shoot better be done at home, behind closed doors & windows (-_-#) 

3. Wear something comfortable and bring your flip flops for a change.

4. Bring enough food and drinks. Yes, photo shoots are tiring, especially for pregnant mommies, thats why our photo shoots only last for 1,5 hours, with 2 or 3 snack stops *mommyhungryalready! :)

5. Ask your hubby to show some affection ... hee hee

Okay.. now it's the time for some sample of our maternity photo that was done at Singapore Botanic Garden... Our theme was baby, batik, and beauty ... ha ha ok ok that's exaggerating ...

I am blessed that I have a husband who loves photography, even our engagement/pre-wedding photos also done by ourselves in 2009... here's a sneak peek ::blushing::

Last but not least.. I want to wish all muslims Selamat Hari Raya!


ps : For baby photo shoots, I am sure we will do another DIY photo like these, and since we got a voucher for a free baby shoot by a professional studio photography, we will try that one, and will give some update too!