☁ Happiest baby on the block { video review }

Image is from www.nlb.gov.sg

Title : The happiest baby on the block [videorecording] / Happiest Baby, Inc. ; writer, Harvey Karp.
I borrowed this at Queenstown Public Library

This video contains Dr. Karp's demonstrations on how to calm infant crying. According to him, newborn to 3 months old baby is still in the 4th trimester, which she feels comfort with the environment that similar to her mother's womb. The baby is still adjusting to the new world and Dr. Karp's using methods of 5s, which are :
swaddle, side/stomach, shush, swinging, and suck.

The explanation in this video is clear, and always followed by demonstrations to babies that are fussy or crying in front of their parents, and Dr. Karp's technique worked like magic.

Me & my husband tried some of this methods. When we just got back from the hospital and we're home alone, my in-laws haven't arrived yet from Indonesia. And suddenly our baby is crying non-stop for almost an hour. As a fresh from the oven parent who got used to the help from the nurse at the hospital to calm our baby, thank God we remembered these methods this video. We tried to swaddle, swing, side/stomach, and sush.. and voila! our lovely baby was calmed, then slept soundly in her cot... Victory! ^^v

But well, our victory was just the beginning. With much practise will make calming easier. Afterwards, when baby is fussy we still use this methods, mostly is shushing & swinging, we stopped swaddling our baby when she's 2 months old, and for preference reason, we don't give our baby pacifier.

Other than infants Dr. Karp also has methods for toddler's tantrum up to 5 years old, here is his official website www.happiestbaby.com