❤ Baby friendly cosmetics {Notes from last post}

After receiving some precious feedbacks, I split this note that was embedded on the previous post, Growing Green babies, as this week's post :)

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Having a baby makes me think more to have a safer environment for my precious bundle of joy. Having a close contact 24/7 with baby while breastfeeding, playing, giving affection and other daily activities, made me question, am I, myself is a safe "environment" for her?

I found some chemically harm sources that might be dangerous for baby from the cosmetics I use, they are :
1. Nail polish : 
I don't think I can live without it! (。♥‿♥。) ... I used to do my own nail art and regular visit to a nail salon (not in Singapore tho', in Indonesia this kind of services is 1/4 the price). On my pregnancy I used this as a substitute for a chemically based nail polish (thanks to my lovely cousin Sharon who bought this for me) :
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After gave birth, I realised I prepared my baby's milk, and food, so I tried other products which is water based and doesn't required nail polish remover/acetone such as Suncoat, Polish & Peel, Water-Based Nail Polish.

2. Lipstick
I've seen an episode in Dr Oz that shows shocking amount of wax or paraben that comes into our body through our lipstick. When we're eating or drinking, we swallowed some of our lipstick/gloss too. That's why I sourced for natural lip products that is safe to kiss my baby and safer for my body too! Alba Botanica TerraTint Lip balm is one of my favourite.

3. Hair gel/wax
This is for hungrypapa, I don't use this kind of product. We choose natural hair product since we often co-sleep with the baby. Giovanni L.A. Natural Styling Gel is the product that he uses now.

4. Creams, Body Lotion, Skin Care
I use products from Devita, Reviva Labs, Derma-e, Avalon Organics, they are natural organic products, very mild on my skin, even for facial sun block now I use hungrybaby's Sun Protective Lotion (Reviva Labs, Beach Baby, UVA & UVB)

5. Face base and powder
How about our many layers of "face paints" : serums, foundations, primers, concealers, face powders, blush on, etc . I imagine when my baby wants to kiss me (now she's just 6 months old, I imagine it will be delightful!), I don't want to hold back or pulling away. Some of good natural & organic brands are Bare Minerals, Physicians Formula, and Aubrey organics.

For more information do check out these articles about harmful chemical in lipstickparabenparaben and baby products, and acetone as nail polish remover.

At first I hesitated to use organic products because I thought it would cost a fortune, but it is not really true. Nowadays we can find many organic products that we can choose wisely to suit our budget. These companies is obviously environmentally conscious. So it is healthier for our body, mother earth, and safe for baby, everybody's happy! (@^▽^@) 

If you're looking for natural organic, paraben free cosmetic & skin products in Singapore, you can find it here at Mimsbits.

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