❤ What kind of "mother image" that I want to be remembered...

Confession time:
Previously this blog intended to be a weekly updated blog, but right after my baby's schedule became more predictable (about 4 months old), I started to resume with my long time (delayed) dream project <3<3<3 ... Since this project involved with other parties and needed waiting time to do some R&D, I also tried to set up an online shop (typical SAHM I say? Hmmm), and even agreed to join my long time dear friend to open another home bussines ...

This is why this blog was idle for a quite some time (last post was two months ago ::cough::), while there was 21 draft posts that haven't been finished, and lots of new ideas crossed my mind too. 

Today, December 22nd is celebrated as Hari Ibu or "Mother's Day" in Indonesia (and we don't have father's day btw), and this post is a bit mother's day spirit...

Lately I've been wondering what will my child's (or children :/?) memory about her mother on her childhood? 

Since I've been busy lately, I am afraid that her memory about me will be like this :

Word of the day is : Wait .... :'(

or this :
Whatsapp done, e-mail done, oh no... my tweet that linked to my facebook that link to my instagram that linked to path.. wait, where was I...??

Since I like sewing, is this what I want?

Mom : Humm hum humm.. la ti da..
Daughter : Another white dress??
Uhhm, not really... How about this?
Me love house chores ... (Love this painting so much btw : www.turnbacktogod.com)

Actually, deep down... I wanted to be remembered as a loving mother, regardless any work I've done <3 <3
The hair kinda rocks too :D

This post, was actually inspired by a quote from Ibu Ainun Habibie (late wife of former Indonesian President) :

"Why didn't I work? Was I a doctor? Indeed. And the opportunity for me to work is broad open. But my thinking was : What was money or self achievement for if in the end would be given to a high salaried child taker with the risk we loose our bonding with our own child? Wouldn't have the time to hold him, or teach him his character? My child will loose a mother.
Is it appropriate to a child to loose both of his parent, or parents loose their own children, with the additional income and self satisfaction? That's why I decided to live modestly. For three and a half year we, three of us did.

Don't let your children to be solely with their caretaker.

What about the help from their grandparents?
It is enough to burden our parents who took care of us from birth until we have our own family. When will we give them the chance for them to fully devote in their golden time.

I hope this can be a motivator and answer for mothers with graduate certificate and commit their time for family and children, so their household is strongly put together and children can grow with care, not only for academic measure, but also for religion teaching, because it is the true role of a parent."

I am a full time house wife, but to be honest, right now I am too occupied with my mobile phone and PC.

It is not easy, I am already used to my mobile phone stick with me all the time, I am okay not to watch TV, but not to be left out from the social media hype, or not connected to the internet for more than one hour. Sometimes I use this as an excuse that I depend on it to do my works (::eyes rolled::)

Well, we can say that this is for the New Year's resolution or what not, I want to be smart in using my time, not to be occupied with something that's not worth spent than to have quality time with my baby.

Wish me good luck, and I wish you (mothers) Selamat hari Ibu!

My loving mom and me (circa 92's)


PS : 
Ibu Ainun Habibie's quote about full time housewife was circulated recently on Facebook, that inspires this post.

For a SAHM like me (Stay At Home Mom - a parenting term) it is very heartwarming, but it doesn't mean Working Mothers is not "a mother enough", not all family are the same, each have their own burden and struggle.

Maybe for the last decade a full time house wife has been underestimated, but it doesn't mean that now it's the time for working mom's turn to be judged.

I personally think if a mother wants the best for her child, she will do everything : equipping herself, squeeze her brain 180 degrees (putar otak), juggling with the schedule, even sacrifice everything that can be sacrificed, SAHM or not.

Totally agree with the statement : a mother's calling to bring her child to God.. Using a helper or the help from grandparents, doesn't mean shifting this calling to them, that would be a wishful thinking.