Wonderpets themed birthday

Hungrybaby loves the Wonderpets so much, it is a show from nic jr about pets who rescue baby animals in trouble, and encouraging healthy eating habit too. It was mentioned on my last post too, about our favorite video review. 

It was hard to find Wonderpets themed party favors in Singapore.And here's my attempt at making DIY themed birthday party.We had 2 small parties at home with neighbor kiddos, and with Sunday school friends, of course I re-use the same decoration for the second party :)

The theme was Wonderpets: environmentally friendly-health conscious-animal conscious party, with kraft paper color scheme. Lol!

Wonderpets party at home
Fly boats jelly :) recipe is adaptation from here, but I use the orange's juice, no waste! 
Simple birthday coco jelly with schoolhouse and Linny, Tuck, Mingming decoration in kraft paper
Hungrybaby's helping in making the pizza
Wonderpets books from the library for props
 Wonderpets bao/steam bun
Linny the guinea pig, Turle Tuck, Mingming duckling, and Wonderpets logo steam bun

It's my first time in making bao! It is hungrybaby favourite snack, last time there was a very nice bao seller near my house at Commonwealth Market. After they moved, I wanted to try to learn how to make this healthy steam snack. At the first attempt, I used ready mixed bao from Phoon Huat and worked well. The second time I tried this recipe that took 3 days to make the dough, aaand... failed.. the dough was not rising, although it was still edible and hungrybaby still enjoy eating them :D

Linny is chocolate filled bao (I took the guinea pig shape from here and choco filling from here), Tuck with Kaya filling, and Mingming is filled with gogo chicken sausage. I made my own natural coloring :
- Yellow: from turmeric,
- Brown: from Ghirardeli cocoa powder
- Red/pink: from beetroot juice,
- Blue: I use Wilton color (no choice) :D

Unsuccesful trial steam bun using cupcake cup
Other view of the snack table
Simple celebration at Sunday School
Another jelly birthday cake, unfortunately there's no detail pic. It's the Wonderpets Schoolhouse lawn with a lake of fishes beside it. The round shape was also with fishes inside
Recycled kraft paper bags with dog bones for the goodies
Wooden (recycled) customize puzzle with hungrybaby's pic on it :)
And the rest of the goodies (all with animal theme)

Sudoku puzzles for bigger kids - sorry for terrible pic! 
On the animal sticker bag, I put a message how to help animals in Singapore

Overall I am quite satisfied with this DIY theme, since hungrybaby was very happy too :,)

- Kraft paper for birthday bunting, Schoolhouse, Jelly flyboat flag, and jelly birthday cake deco : Popular
- Recycled Kraft paper bag : Yogyakarta, Indonesia
- Recycled Wooden Puzzle : Semarang, Indonesia
- Kraft sticker paper : Etsy Sg
- Snacks: Indonesia, iherb.com, warehouse club
- Baking supplies : fairprice, Phoon huat
- Foam Animal Sticker(easypeasy), Fabric, Cupcake Stand : Spotlight
- Schoolhouse, Sudoku, Wooden puzzle free printables : http://www.nickjr.com/wonder-pets/

 Ps: This was her 2nd birthday theme "Shaun the sheep"
So happy to see Bitzer & Shaun
And after that, at end of 2014, the Aardman studio that create Shaun & Timmy came to Singapore.. yay! Hungrybaby was super delighted to meet them and did clay workshop too.
Photo with Timmy
With Mr. Jim from Aardman Studio
Hopefully soon the Wonderpets will come to Singapore too! Hee hee