✄ Jakarta Museum Playdate (June: Main ke museum tekstil!)

Playdate invitation

This June meetup is an introductory playdate where we have 3 parts of activities (EZI):

1. Enjoy nature
- Picnic: Introduce ourselves and familiarize the kids with the garden
- Introduce the Textile museum, and the famous fabric from Indonesia, batik, that many of the patterns inspired from the nature such as cloud (Mega Mendung), wave (Parang), lotus flower (Kawung), and butterfly.
- Gardening: Watering the plants, leaves collecting, and looking for the hiding caterpillar

Gardening, watering the plants and picnic

2. Zoom into nature
- Science Storytelling about the silkworm life cycle
- Science: Finding out how amazing God's nature creation: Silver/metallic cocoon
- Sensory play : rescuing the insect from slime (the highlight of this playdate!)
Silkworm life-cycle storytelling; Museum's collection of metallic silk fabric; props using pasta, metallic cocoon from yakult bottle& alumunium foil, and beads caterpillar; caterpillar image is from: http://www.claytonvnps.org/
Slime time: rescuing the insects; a little bit of experiments of mixing the color; and a little girl who's made the monster cupcake :D It is edible anyway (recipe is from here)

3. Insipired by nature
- Craft activities: Leaf rubbing (using the dry leaves we collected)
- Craft activities: Silver cocoon using yakult recycle bottle
- Craft activities: Caterpillar beads

After the playdate, we went to see the Museum Tekstil Collection and batik learning activities.

This Main ke museum! is planned to be a monthly activities. Please join our FB group Jakarta Museum Playdate for info and updates.

Sneak peek for our next playdate: Museum Layang-layang

Sampai jumpa!

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