☁❤ Museum tekstil Jakarta review & Jakarta Museum Playdate story

As written in this post "What to do in Singapore for toddler who's not in school yet"hungrybaby was a regulars at many playdate group/community. As we stay in Jakarta, we're looking for the same community.

It is quite hard, for example if we compare the meetup.com Sg site that have extensive choice of toddler outdoor activities, with meetup.com Jakarta, there's only 1 inactive toddler group, the rest is mostly dating (mak comblang) communities! Ha!

My Sg playdate group organizer, now who became my friends, they encourage me to initiate a playdate group, which I never think of before. After a few months we feel that children outdoor activities in Jakarta is very limited, our "adventure" choice was the shopping mall.

And then one time, we visited Museum Tekstil Jakarta, for my work. And not one person, but many asked hungrybaby "What are you doing in a Museum, dear? Isn't it boring and dusty?". We were a Museum goer back in Singapore, and we want to explore Jakarta's museums too. Glad we did, we especially hungrybaby enjoyed the visit, and the Museum Tekstil also have a lovely garden and large outdoor area. From that moment, I have an idea to arrange outdoor toddler activities, in Jakarta's Museum venues. The Museum also very open and supportive with the idea.
Museum Tekstil's outdoor area: Taman pewarna alam (Natural dye garden)
Museum Tekstil collection
Natural dye from plants; at pendopo the place for learning batik

She had fun on our visit, she wants to take her friends to the Museum Tekstil too!
Follow this link for our playdate activities: