Jakarta museum playdate (August: Play and fly at Museum Layang-layang!)

This August meetup we went to southern part of Jakarta and meet southern mommies & munchkins too! At museum Layang-layang we still have 3 parts of activities (EZI):

1. Enjoy nature
- Picnic: Introduce ourselves and familiarize the kids with place
- Introduce the Layang-layang museum, and explain how the kite flies through storytelling and song.
- After we hear about kites that flies to up to the clouds, meet's the sunny sun, it's time to water the thirsty plants (Gardening)

Image is from www.imagebuddies.org

2. Zoom into kites & nature
- Science: watch movie about kites and how to fly enormous kites using only ocean's wind
- See the kites collection
Watch movie about kite festival
Kites from leaves
Kite collection
Museum shaped kite! And it can fly
Kites from all over the world

Kids amazed with a dragon kite
2 cm kite from China
Kite from all over the world

Museum's collection
Fly, horsie, fly!
Our friendly and engaging tour guide today

3. Insipired by kites & nature
- Craft activities: diy kites, today mommies also do some crafts
- Fly the kites!
Craft activity
Time to fly the kites!

When children start running, all we got is blurry pics and good memories!
Today's Jakarta Museum Playdate participant

See you again at the next playdate!