✄ Jakarta Museum Playdate October: Bzzz bzzzz beee busy at the Museum

This month's playdate is at Museum Kehutanan (Forestry Museum) which was held on Thursday, since the Museum opens on Monday to Friday, 9am-3am, and closed on weekend.

As usual, we have 3 parts of activities, enjoy nature, zoom in to nature, and inspired by nature (EZI).

1. Enjoy nature
Picnic, gardening (watering the plants), sing along, and bee hunting games. Thank God for the lovely weather :)
Our picnic venue at the garden of wood transportation's history

2. Zoom into nature
- Guided museum tour
- Bee storytelling and sign language

Smiling participant with our friendly guide Kak Dewi from the museum.

Busy bees at the museum

Whoops, forgot to do this sign language! (Image is from http://www.babysignlanguage.com)
Bee storytelling

3. Inspired by nature
Recycle art & craft:
- Bubble wrap beehive stamping
- Yakult bottle bee.
Bubble wrap beehive stamp

Yakult bottle bee

Kid's work of art
Happy to receive the goodies, terimakasih Museum Kehutanan!

See you at the next museum playdate!

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