Playdate x Garage Sale: DIY Recycled Craft and Indigofera Tie Dye workshop for kids

We're very thrilled when we were invited by Garage21_fleamarket to host an eco-friendly children workshop at one of their flea market event. We fully support flea market ideas, since it's one of the way to do the 3R (Reuse, reduce, recycle)

As usual we open our workshop with gardening, we water the plants, and we do a small picnic, games, and storytelling. Thank God for the lovely weather.

The first workshop is DIY recycled craft

Followed by natural dye workshop

The goods of natural color: it's benefit for health and gives richness of flavor (Turmeric for yellow color dan a bowl of Soto/ turmeric base soup dish)

Kids proudly wear their organic tie dye bandana